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The importance of protein

Protein is a crucial component of an athlete's diet, essential for performance, recovery and growth. Here we share why it is important, and the key sources you need to be aware of.

The role of protein

Protein is a macro-nutrient made up of smaller amino acid building blocks.

Protein is a crucial for the ongoing maintenance of skin, bones, hair, hormones and antibodies and of course our muscles.

Protein for training

Training places stress on muscles and sufficient protein intake is then crucial to repair and remodel them. In fact, muscles are constantly building and breaking down over 24 hours (including when we are asleep).

Regular protein intake is required every 3-4 hours, to repair and remodel muscles, and to maintain strength and mass.

Types of protein

There are two types of protein - "Complete protein" which contains all nine 'essential' amino acids and "Incomplete protein", plant-based sources that are missing some amino acids.

Types of protein - performance nutrition

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