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Over the last two decades, we’ve worked with a wide range of clients in our clinics, from elite athletes, headline musicians through to FTSE 100 executives – to improve their wellbeing and performance. 


INTRA Performance Group is the leading organisation in elite sports nutrition, with experience working with more than 60 different nationalities across elite football, with significant Champions League and World Cup experience. For the first time our strategies from working with organisations such as; Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, England and France national teams, UEFA, FIFA and Team GB Olympic programmes are available for athletes based internationally. 

At INTRA Performance Group, our proven methodology originates from years of research, practical know-how and scientific exploration. In our nutrition programmes, we can uniquely solve the performance nutrition challenges elite athletes/talent face, meeting individual training and competition demands. 

Our Nutrition Elite programme is a 12-month commitment and includes personalised analysis and our leading nutrition plans to ensure you’re prepared for every scenario. Programmes are principally remote to cater for international clients, and are carefully curated for long-term change. 

Within elite sport, we work closely as a support team around an athlete to provide the best possible care. We pride ourselves on providing a discreet, premium, service and as such, we maintain a small, carefully managed, caseload. 

To speak with someone directly about our programmes and services, please email Please note that at high-volume periods we operate a waiting list for new starters.

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Organisations – Strategic Services

Our team are recognised as industry leaders in performance nutrition having worked extensively with; Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, the England and France national football teams as well as UEFA, and Team GB Olympic programmes. We provide strategic support to organisations to audit and develop their nutrition services:



Audit of current nutrition services, working practices, practitioner development and food service, with recommendations to optimise. 


Co-creating a framework for a best practice nutrition service across all departments, with a roadmap of how to achieve each component.


Recruitment of men's, women's and academy practitioners (either INTRA associates or organisation employed staff). 


Quality Assurance

Technical support/supervision for all practitioner(s) - to ensure standards of implementation (team and player strategies and interdisciplinary work).


Practitioner development - to continue developing professional competencies, with the objective of improved delivery, and staff retention.


Centralised development 

Developing a sustainability policy aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and most recent best-practice guidelines.


Due diligence on potential commercial ventures (e.g. sponsorship, product development) with nutrition/food & beverage related companies.


Advising on development of physical training ground infrastructure related to nutrition/food service (e.g. restaurants, recovery areas).


To speak with someone directly about our services, please contact 


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Matt Fitzpatrick, 2022 US Open Winner

Working with INTRA on my nutrition has had a big impact on my performance. Personalising my fuelling has optimised my energy on-course, and supported how my body adapts to strength training. This was an important part of my US Open win.


Arsène Wenger, FIFA Chief of Global Football Development

James's pioneering use of food as fuel has transformed performances, and his understanding of elite players and the football environment have enabled him to impact the culture at Arsenal FC. I would highly recommend James to other sports teams and high performance organisations.

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