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Maintaining a robust immune system

Having a robust immune system is vital to keep you at your peak.⁣ Learn the factors which affect your immune system and how you can use nutrition to support your immunity.⁣

About immunity

The immune system consists of complex interconnected network of cells to deal with invading pathogens.

Physical and psychological demands of training can cause short-term reduction in immunity, making athletes more susceptible to infection.

Risk is particularly heightened by; high volumes of training, psychological stress, lack of sleep, or when attempting to reduce body fat (dieting).

How nutrition can help

A well balanced nutrition plan containing sufficient carbohydrates and fat for energy, protein for tissue maintenance and micro nutrients for cellular protection is the priority.

Immune supporting micronutrients - performance nutrition

Firstly, ensure you don't have deficiency in: vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E and Iron.

Adding the following, in specific scenarios, may further benefit immunity: polyphenols, vitamin C, probiotics and zinc.

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