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INTRA Performance Group - a name synonymous with nutrition
and human performance support.

Founded by the distinguished nutrition & human performance specialist, Mr. James Collins, INTRA embodies over two decades of pioneering work in elite sports. Our mission is to revolutionise access to performance nutrition support, for high-performing teams and individuals across elite sport, entertainment and business sectors. 


We place your talent at the core of our process.

Located in the prestigious Harley Street, London, INTRA boasts a global network of experts dedicated to optimising human performance. We place your talent at the core of our process, ensuring personalised and impactful solutions. Our clientele includes the world’s most influential figures, ranging from top-tier players in World Cup and Champions League finals, Olympic champions, to headline musicians. These champions trust INTRA for their performance needs, and we deliver with unwavering commitment and expertise.

Comprehensive & tailored services.

Our services are comprehensive and tailored, encompassing performance nutrition, cutting-edge performance science and research & innovation. We create strategies uniquely designed to meet the high demands of top-performing talent. Backed by extensive research and practical experience, our proven methodology ensures our clients consistently excel on the global stage, and teams and organisations thrive by creating a sustainable nutrition, wellbeing and performance culture.

Interdisciplinary teamwork, transparency, and inclusivity.

At INTRA, our foundation is built on four core values: integrity, interdisciplinary teamwork, transparency, and inclusivity. These principles guide our working practices. We pledge to deliver not just results but also a significant return on investment for our clients.

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Whether you're an elite athlete aiming for the next level or a business seeking to energise and engage your team, INTRA is your partner in achieving extraordinary performance outcomes.  

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