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Solving for: Reducing body fat (in-season)

In the next of our ‘solving for’ series we share a case study of our team’s work with an elite footballer:

🏃🏻‍♂️Presentation: A 28-year-old goalkeeper wanted to target body fat loss (and overall weight loss) during the in-season period.⁣

💡Reasoning: A body composition assessment indicated that the goalkeeper’s body fat and overall weight had increased during a period of reduced training. Alongside this, performance markers in the gym had reduced.⁣

🔋Action: Energy was strategically restricted within the training week, keeping protein content high and implementing an individualised supplement strategy to help maintain muscle mass. Energy intake around games was unchanged. Bodyweight and body composition were tracked consistently and regularly to assess change throughout the 4-week intervention.⁣

📈Result: The player’s physical gym scores (specifically power-based) increased. Body fat reduced by ~2kg whilst maintaining lean mass. Player perceptions were very positive and felt this improved his movement efficiency on the pitch.⁣

About us

INTRA Performance Group is a global consultancy with a rich heritage of providing performance nutrition services within elite sport, entertainment and business - maintaining a portfolio of Europe's top performers and organisations.

Intra Performance Group is the leading organisation in elite football nutrition. We have worked with more than 30 different nationalities across elite football, with significant Champions League and World Cup experience, through to Championship and Division 1.

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