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Solving for: 2nd half fatigue

INTRA Performance Group is a global consultancy with a rich heritage of providing performance nutrition services within elite sport, entertainment and business - maintaining a portfolio of Europe's top performers and organisations.

Intra Performance Group is the leading organisation in elite football nutrition. We have worked with more than 30 different nationalities across elite football, with significant Champions League and World Cup experience, through to Championship and Division 1.

Want to know how we work with elite footballers? Read our case study below.


A 23-year-old midfielder reported feelings on fatigue early in the second half of matches.


Alongside subjective symptoms, match data highlighted that total distance and sprinting was also significantly reduced in the 2nd half. A comprehensive review of the players match day strategy was conducted. This indicated that carbohydrate was insufficient at 2 key time-points (MD-1, Pre-match meal).


A fuelling trial was set up on a training day first, to increase intake to 6-8 g kg body weight. Whilst carbohydrate-rich foods and fluids were used in the pre-match meal.


In the subsequent matches, the player's high-speed and total distance increased, alongside subjective energy levels in the second half, with no negative GI discomfort.

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