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The importance of sleep

Sleep is crucial for your skill development during training and performance on match day.⁣

Getting this right can be the difference when making your performances consistent during a tough schedule.⁣ Learn the specifics here - why sleep is important, how much you need, and how to maximise your sleep quality.⁣

Why worry about sleep?

Sleep is an essential restorative process for your body, vital for the regeneration of cognitive and physiological function.

Not getting enough sleep can negatively impact shot accuracy, decision-making, memory, pain perception, strength, and endurance, limiting not only your performance, but also your ability to learn and develop.

Sleep deprivation symptoms are common in footballers, likely due to multiple factors, from late kick-offs and congested fixtures to travel and light.

Sleep requirements

Elite athletes should sleep a minimum of 7 hours each night.

You also should focus on getting quality sleep (i.e. practicing good sleep hygiene).

High protein diets and foods high in tryptophan and melatonin may promote sleep, whilst energy deficits, caffeine, and alcohol may inhibit sleep.

See below some tips on how to manage your sleep hygiene


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