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The importance of Calcium

Next up in our micronutrient series is calcium.⁣

Learn here the importance of calcium, how much you should be consuming, and where you can find the best sources (whether plant-based or dairy).⁣

Why is it important?

The skeleton is the largest calcium store in the human body.

Calcium is responsible for the maintenance of bone tissue, muscle contraction, nerve conduction, and blood clotting.

Extra care should be taken if reducing energy intake (e.g. cutting weight) and/or avoiding dairy, as you may be at increased risk of calcium deficiency.

How much do I need?

The North American RDA is 1000 mg per day for adults and 1300 mg per day for adolescents.

The UK RDA is 700 mg per day for adults and 1000 mg for adolescents.

Higher intakes of 1500 mg per day are required during relative energy deficiency (RED-S).

Food sources

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