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International Women's Day 2021

Happy International Women's day from INTRA Performance Group.

Sport has the power to inspire change and break gender stereotypes.

In line with the United Nations' "Sustainable Development Goals", we believe sport can empower all women and girls.

Sport is a powerful platform to help to foster gender equality in countries and regions where women are discriminated against. It can foster increased self-esteem, confidence and help develop skills needed to become equal participants and leaders in our communities.

Olympic Games: Women's Participation

Today, women are far more visible in sports than ever before: The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is projected to have close to equal representation of women and men competing for the first time in its history. For comparison, only 22 women (2.2 per cent) out of a total of 997 athletes competed in the modern Olympics for the first time in 1900.​

Despite progress, women still continue to be excluded in certain sports in parts of the world and are paid far less than men in wages and prize money globally.​

Gender wage gap in football

Join us in working to level the playing field for women and girls.

Images from United Nations


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