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Shortlisted for 2020 Health and Wellbeing Award - Lloyds Banking Group

We are delighted to announce that our debut corporate wellbeing course for Lloyds Banking Group, ‘The Energy Plan’, has been shorted for the 2020 Personnel Today 'Health and Wellbeing Award'.

The Energy Plan course is an industry-first within corporate wellbeing, applying the learnings and practical application of nutrition from elite sport and entertainment, to improve the health, performance and productivity of the workforce.

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) consulted Intra Performance Group founder and leading performance nutritionist, James Collins, to produce a targeted nutrition solution for employees working remotely from different locations across the UK.

The aim of the course was to increase awareness of the importance of targeted nutrition (e.g. energy, recovery, immune health) to support productivity for work, as well as wider wellbeing.

The Energy Plan is a remote learning course, combining high-quality video production, and interactive voting and Q&A.

75% of respondents made lifestyle changes following the programme

100% of respondents would recommend the programme to other colleagues

The LBG initiative was led by Gemma Ewington and Intra's production team consisted of Jude Coventry, Peter Coventry and Bala Bailey.

The online awards ceremony is being held on Thursday 26th November. Further information and the shortlist can be found here.


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