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Sportsmith Podcast: 'Managing and maximising the rise in individual athlete support teams'

Our Managing Director, Mr James Collins was recently interviewed on this international podcast.

In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, Rob delves into the evolving world of athlete support with James Collins, Managing Director of INTRA Performance Group and Ben Rosenblatt, Founder and CEO of 292 Performance, as part our INTRA292 partnership.

This discussion highlights the growing trend of athletes assembling personalized support teams to elevate their performance and extend their careers.

Key Insights from Experts in Sports Performance and Nutrition

James and Ben, with their extensive backgrounds in sports nutrition, strength conditioning, and sports biomechanics, share their insights into how athletes are increasingly seeking specialised, interdisciplinary support. They emphasise the craft of performance support and the vital role of nutrition in enhancing athlete capabilities, a core service provided by INTRA Performance Group.

Main Discussion Points:

  • Personalized Athlete Support: Athletes are actively forming their own performance teams tailored to their career stages

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Enhanced communication and interdisciplinary support are key to maximising athlete performance

  • Stress and Recovery: Dedicated support teams positively impact athletes’ stress and recovery perceptions.

  • Knowledge Sharing: Support teams (including nutritionists) across sports share knowledge to adapt science to individual athlete needs

  • Broadening Networks: Athlete support teams, including nutritionists from INTRA Performance Group, are becoming broader networks for clubs and organizations.

  • Efficient Communication: Effective communication and data sharing are vital for the success of support teams.

  • Continuous Support: Athletes receive ongoing support throughout their careers for sustained performance improvement, including nutrition support

  • Loan Players’ Needs: Support teams are extending individualized services to cater to the needs of loan players.

Enhancing Athlete Performance Through Specialized Support

Key discussion points include the importance of contextualising support for each athlete, managing communication efficiently, and aligning team expectations. The conversation also covers the adaptation of scientific approaches to fit individual athlete needs, the benefits of cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing, and the significance of trust and clear communication in athlete-support team relationships.

Furthermore, the episode explores the challenges of integrating external services with club-managed support, the impact of athlete-centered interdisciplinary teams on stress and recovery perceptions, and the increasing role of data science and technology in making informed decisions for athlete development, including nutritional strategies.

Listen Now to Gain Insights on Athlete Support Teams

If you’re in a club working with external coaches, an external coach yourself, or simply interested in the intricacies of athlete support, this episode is for you.


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