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Corporate wellbeing
and performance 

Wellbeing programmes are a rapidly growing strategic issue for companies, with pressure to attract and retain employees, boost productivity and ultimately profits.  


The global spend on employee wellness was at $40 billion in 2019 (projected to grow to $90 billion by 2026), however evidence highlights that current approaches aren’t improving long term health outcomes.

At INTRA, we have 3 service levels to deliver tailored solutions to meet your companies wellbeing objectives. We work with C-Suite, wellbeing champions and employees, including the worlds largest FTSE 100 organisations (case study below). All of our programmes are built to measure engagement and return on investment (ROI). 


We have a unique insight into the global market through our ongoing collaboration with global benefits partners. Our courses and workshops utilise our insights within elite sport, music and corporate exec clients, to improve the wellbeing, performance and personal development of the workforce. 


We work closely with organisations to understand their wellbeing objectives before developing a bespoke programme, to optimise engagement and lasting behaviour change. 


We offer both in-person and remote courses, and have recently completed a large-scale remote programme (outlined below).

Remote Programme - Case study:



We were approached by a leading FTSE 100 financial services organisation to curate a remote course for a prioritised group of employees as part of a health awareness campaign.  



Following our scoping process and consultation, the strategy was agreed with the client:

An interactive, remote, course was built with our associate production team. This included; high quality video production, real-time voting, and question and answer for engagement, reaching ~60% employees. 



The course exceeded expectations with 100% of the employees rating the course as "excellent". The course was shortlisted for a 2020 industry wellbeing award, and rated "brilliant" by the judges.

100% of employees rated the course as excellent


We deliver workshops for businesses as part of their corporate wellbeing strategy. These are carefully curated to be both aspirational and practical, giving insights into our work in high-performance sport, entertainment and business, and providing employees the tools to apply to their own lives.


We have worked with leading international fashion brands, media companies, insurance and financial services providers. 

To speak with someone directly about our programs and services, please email

Executive programmes

We have a rich heritage of working with corporate executives over the last decade. Providing a trusted, discreet, personalised, service to coach executives to achieve their long-term goals. 


Whether this is equipping an entrepreneur with the strategies to manage their energy whilst launching a new business or supporting a goal of senior executives to re-engage with their wellbeing and take on a physical challenge, such as L'Etape or MDS. 


We work with clients to understand their mission or performance goal and track key wellbeing outcomes along the way. Reducing body fat (or weight loss) is a goal for many clients, as this is a byproduct of developing a fuelling strategy which is bespoke for the individuals lifestyle and goals. 

To speak with someone directly about our programs and services, please email

Contact Us

To speak to one of our team regarding services or media requests,

please contact us on: 

INTRA Performance Group

86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE

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